You want to develop your managers systematically and effectively but also want to strengthen a constructive feedback-culture in your company?

A 360° feedback is a powerful development tool. It will only show its effects if the objectives are defined clearly and the follow-up process is well structured and thought through. We are happy to support you with this.

With our 360° feedback we link individual development and promotion with the analysis of the organization. Your managers will receive an insightful feedback from multiple perspectives. In an individual feedback coaching each feedback recipient is provided with valuable impulses to interpret the given results and with regards to recommended actions. You will also be given a benchmark for your feedback culture including cues on how to improve and develop it.  

Our approach

  1. Definition of target group, contents and framework conditions
    • We consult you in the best use of the 360° feedback tool. If requested we develop a questionnaire together with you. Furthermore, we clarify all important questions for a successful execution (i.e. “How is the communication process going to work?”, “Who will receive which results?”)
  2. Technical implementation
    • The defined contents and framework conditions (times, automated information processes etc.) will be implemented technically paving the way for an efficient execution online.
  3. Execution of the feedback survey
    • The length of the survey period will be adapted flexibly to fit your needs. The option of response monitoring offers the feedback recipient the possibility to ensure a meaningful result by himself.
  4. Dispatch of the final reports
    • Each feedback recipient will receive an extensive individual report with his results. Comparisons with the overall group and the labeling of very good but also more critical scores enable a good orientation.
  5. Feedback Coaching
    • Each feedback recipient should discuss his results within the scope of a personal coaching. The KI.M Coach provides guidance in deriving conclusions from the report in order to take development into your own hands. Practical impulses and suggestions of realistic measures help to support the feedback recipient in the best way possible and motivate him to start right away.
  6. Final report at organizational level
    • When working with groups we compile an aggregated presentation of results. We draw attention to special strengths and areas of development in the group of feedback recipients.

Apart from the all-around view (360°) we also offer a management feedback (90°) or a version with the focus on two or three perspectives (180° or 270°). We are happy to make arrangements with you.