Competence Models

You want to systematize your personnel development with a (new) competence model?

Or you are asking yourself, if the existing model still meets the future demands of your employees and managers? We support you in developing a model which suits the demands and goals of your company.

The following aspects are important for us: 

Following strategic goals

Your competency model as the core of your personnel development should represent in which direction your company is going in the years to follow. We want to understand your strategic goals and upcoming changes to be able to develop a model with you which portrays and incorporates future demands. It provides guidance for both managers and employees and also offers the possibility to deal with future challenges.

Practicality through clarity and high methodical quality

Competency models are not an end in itself. They are supposed to make current and future demands transparent. Further, they form the basis for multiple HR tools i.e. for selection processes like Assessment Centers and Interviews. We support you in developing a competency model which forms a reliable methodical basis for additional selection and development tools.

Acceptance through simplicity and involvement

The employees and managers will apply the competency model in everyday work life only if it is expressed comprehensibly and structured logically. The easier and more precise, the more likely this tool is going to be accepted throughout the company. For the development process we recommend the involvement of relevant stakeholders. With the input of managers and employees the model will adapt your company’s language and will be integrated in your corporate culture.

Let’s exchange ideas regarding your future competency model. We are pleased to provide guidance along the way with our long-term experience.