Competency Models

You aim to systematize your personnel development with a (new) competency model?

Or are you asking yourself if the existing model still meets the future demands of your employees and managers? We support you in developing a model which suits the demands and goals of your company.

In developing an effective competency model, we put our focus on the following aspects:

Future impact through orientation towards strategic goals

Your competency model as the heart of personnel development should reflect the direction in which your company will head to in the upcoming years. We would like to understand your strategic goals and upcoming changes in order to develop a model with you that reflects the requirements of the future and is closely interlinked with existing instruments of organizational and personnel development. This provides managers and employees with orientation and the opportunity to deal with future chances and challenges.

Practicability through clarity and methodical quality

First of all, we recommend determining clearly defined competencies for a practical model which are essential for the success of the company. We ensure the measurability and behavior-oriented operationalization of these competencies through our methodical expertise. On this basis, differentiated statements for the personnel selection and development instruments can be stated. It is very important to us to develop a competency model that is formulated in a comprehensive way and logically structured so that it can be used by managers and employees in their daily work life. The simpler and clearer it is the more this instrument will spread in your company.

Company-specific fit through integration and context reference

We advocate an early involvement of all relevant stakeholders in order to consider their various needs in the development process. Through the input of managers and employees, the model mirrors your language, becomes part of the corporate culture and increases individual identification with the model. The competency model should also be in line with internal and external framework conditions such as the corporate mission or the Code of Conduct.

Let’s exchange ideas regarding your future competency model. We are very pleased to provide guidance along the way with our long-term experience.