Development Center

You want to systematically develop your employee’s competencies?

Our Development Centers combine standardized diagnostics to identify personal strengths and areas of development with individual training and coaching modules. Depending on the objectives the standardized and individual shares are varying. 

The continuum between standardized diagnostics and individual training and coaching elements
The continuum between standardized diagnostics and individual training and coaching elements

Development Center – “identification“

Through the combination of diagnostic and feedback modules the employees and their leaders gain insight in their individual strengths and areas of development. Based on these results they have the opportunity to elaborate a personal development plan. 

  • Diagnostic modules: On the basis of a demand analysis behavior-oriented and realistic simulations are designed for each target group (e.g. interactions, business cases, tests, interviews). Just as in Assessment Centers they can be embedded in a fictive story or derived from current issues at the company.
  • Feedback modules: The personal learning experiences of the participants from the different simulations are supplemented with feedback from various perspectives – such as observers` feedback, colleagues` feedback or video feedback. In contrast to Assessment Centers the participants have the opportunity to get permanent feedback (e.g. after each exercise or after the first day of the OC).

Development Center – “orientation“

Your aim is to identify individual strengths and areas of development? Our Orientation Centers provide you with orientation regarding different career paths by using diagnostic and feedback elements.

  • Information modules: The participants are given information regarding career paths in their company and exchange thoughts with observers (e.g. in the context of an evening by the fireplace).
  • Reflection modules: Further, the participants‘ individual responsibilities for their development are strengthened by giving them the chance to reflect on their desired careers (e.g. questionnaires about interests and motives, reflection interviews or simulations)

Development Center – “learning”

Your employees are aware of their skills and career goals and are motivated to develop and grow? A DC with a focus on learning (also called coaching center or training center) offers the possibility to work on individual learning objectives and issues.

  • Individual simulations: Together with our coach/trainer the participants will develop individual learning objectives and choose the simulation they want to go through by themselves (e.g. from a pool of diverse situations with interaction or scenarios from every-day life).
  • Training modules: The participants receive small inputs of theory either through self-studies or guided by our coaches which they can put into practice immediately during the simulations.  

We consult and support you in Development Center processes

Often Development Centers are integrated into the existing development measures (talent management). We are pleased to advise you on the embedding of the DCs, the linking with already existing measures as well as the entire development center process. 

Preparation and selection of participants through methods such as:
Securing transfer and sustainability through:
  • Development Reports
  • Follow-up Meetings (e.g. with participant, observer, superior and HR)
  • Trainings
  • Coachings
  • KI.M App (evaluation, transfer questions and reminder)