Development of organizational/leadership principles

You want to combine visions of leadership and cooperation in your company?

Or your aim is to breathe life into the existing principle and make it more tangible in everyday life? A principle should provide orientation. It should give both managers and employees answers to what determines good leadership and collaboration. To have the desired effect such a guideline should be more than a decorative poster on the wall.

Two aspects are of great importance:

The development process

The development process should be designed depending on the objectives of the principle. If you want to provide orientation for the future, the contents of the guideline should be developed and supported by the management. We recommend to integrate more managers and employees as representatives of each group in order to give feedback. 

For acceptance of the content it is important to include all hierarchical levels and interests.

The integration of all levels and interests is key to the acceptance of contents.
The integration of all levels and interests is key to the acceptance of contents.

Integration into everyday life

The effects of a principle start to become evident in situations of cooperation. Hence it is of great importance to turn the abstract values into tangible guidelines for all employees for example in the scope of events. Each person should understand what trust, agility or innovation means and implies. Each one should have the possibility to mirror the values in their own behavior – Where do I increase trust? Where do I show agility? Where do I promote innovation? We support you in workshops, where managers and employees learn to transfer abstract terms into their daily working routine.

Let us assist you in creating a lively and authentic set of principles and values for your company!