DIN 33430 licenses for persons

This year our consultants received the DIN 33430 person license once again and proved their diagnostic know-how

In 2017, 7 KI.M consultants proved their diagnostic know-how by receiving the person license E for personnel psychologists after DIN 33430.  

Next to the process certification for KI.M as a company which is carried out on a regular basis by TÜV Rheinland, the consultants at KI.M are also certified regularly after the DIN 33430 norm. In 2017, 7 consultants put their psychological expertise with regards to the high quality assessment of aptitude to the test.

Therefore, trainings which were divided into 6 modules took place.  Their contents were queried during supervised audits by TÜV Rheinland.   

Content of the DIN 33430 person license

  1. Introduction to the DIN 33430
    • During this module the focus is on the legal framework which plays a role in the assessment of aptitude. Furthermore, an overview of the different quality standards is provided.
  2. Behavioural observation and evaluation
    • Here, the aim is to differentiate between various observation taxonomies, de-fine observation units and objectify registration and rating processes.
  3. Aptitude interviews
    • This module consists of different forms of aptitude interviews and processes as well as ethical and legal framework which apply to these interviews.
  4. Demand analysis, constructs and procedures of aptitude assessment
    • Here we deal with the different forms of demand and work analysis, possible kinds of constructs and their operationalization.
  5. Psychometric foundations of aptitude assessment
    • In this module the statistic and methodical basics in aptitude assessment, construction foundations for tests and strategies for their validation.
  6. Evaluation of aptitude assessment
    • The final module includes the estimation of the forecast quality of aptitude assessment as well as quality-securing and quality-optimizing measures.

With the person license our consultants prove that they are able to conceptualize, implement and evaluate procedures according to the highest scientific standards. The cologne institute for management consulting thus possesses the highest amount of licensed employees in Germany and thereby proves its high quality standards from which you will benefit.