We would like to present our new app KI.PaiRS which offers an innovative and efficient implementation of requirement workshops, candidate rankings and further applications.

As an innovative and forward-thinking consultancy we are always looking for new ways to make processes more efficient, design them vividly and include digital media in the different topics effectively.

The newly developed app KI.PaiRS is suitable for generating ranking sequences for different contexts with the scientific method of full pair comparisons*. What does that mean? For example if one wants to create a profile of requirements within the scope of a workshop and is eager to know the competences which are the most important for the position advertised or a management position. Instead of long discussions, extensive work on the flipchart and complicated evaluations each participant can weigh the competences in a few minutes with KI.PaiRS .

Easy handling

The handling of KI.PaiRS is very simple. An implementation is either on the own smartphone or tablet possible but can also take place browser supported. As an alternative, the cologne institute for management consulting will provide you with tablets with the preinstalled app for the implementation on-site at your company.

Time saving and efficient implementation

To rank and weigh the competences two competence pairs are compared with regards to their importance in several steps.

Direct evaluation

Directly after the implementation each participant receives the individual evaluation on his implementation medium. The overall results are also available directly after the implementation and can be discussed in plenary.  

Diverse possibilities of application

Apart from the weighting of competences in order to create a profile of requirements, KI.PaiRS is suitable for all kinds of situations where weighting or ranking sequences play a role. For example, there is the possibility to do a subjective evaluation of candidates via KI.PaiRS to collect further viewpoints which may contribute to the discussion. Candidates can also rate their own competences during a self-assessment, managers can rank the key competences of their employees etc. 


Staufenbiel, T., & Kleinmann, M. (2002). PaiRS: Ein Skalierungsverfahren für die Eignungsdiagnostik. Zeitschrift für Personalpsychologie, 1, 27 – 34.