You want to solve conflicts in a constructive and sustainable way?

Conflicts are part of everyday work life – both between partners or colleagues, as well as between managers and their employees. In most cases these conflicts are functional, hence they serve cooperation or the organization. But if there is a serious and entrenched conflict, it is difficult to deal with and solve the conflict without help from outside. This is not only a burden for the parties involved but also costs the company temporal expenditure. In a situation like this a professionally implemented mediation is by far the most efficient and sustainable way to solve the conflict in a constructive way. A structured conversational strategy and impartiality of the mediator help to make space for a respectful conversation where each party can share their perspective. The overall goal is always the joint elaboration of fair and long-term win-win solutions in a confidential setting. 

Stages of the Mediation Process
Stages of the Mediation Process

Mediation at KI.M is marked by transparency and sustainability. Our first step towards a viable final agreement is an extensive assignment agreement. Together or in individual interviews all parties involved have the opportunity to get to know the procedure and meet the mediator in person.

We are happy to consult and support you in reaching the optimum solution for the conflict.