The cologne institute for management consulting was founded in 1999 with the aspiration to develop people in organisations and their systems to a higher level of performance and satisfaction in a responsible way. The focus of our activities is always on the principal agent as well as all other parties involved in the process. We strive to be a reliable and fair partner for you: Our understanding of consulting goes beyond our ordinary services and it particularly includes an open and appreciative approach. 

Our promise

If you choose the KI.M as your partner, you will have a consultancy with intelligence, heart and courage by your side.

  • By establishing quality with an intelligent and systematic approach
  • By working together and showing appreciation
  • By advocating the best possible solution with courage and dedication

That’s how we develop people and organisations to a higher level of performance and satisfaction. This is our passion!

Intelligent. Scientific Approach

From the beginning on, the continuous development of our consulting competences and services have been of great importance. Here, our focus is on tracking current scientific insights and developments and integrating them in our consultation. We maintain a close relationship with universities and colleges, we get involved in form of teaching assignments and furthermore guide scientific work and research. Prof. Dr. Thomas Staufenbiel (University of Osnabrück) and Prof. Dr. Michael Eid (FU Berlin) form our scientific board which is an important part of our academic orientation.

  • Teaching assignments: Next to his work as the manager of KI.M, Prof. Dr. Christian Dries is a lecturer for personnel psychology at the Fresenius College. The scientific character can not only be found in our management but also looking at our employees. Many of them obtain lectureships at universities and colleges where they are in close contact with both students and researchers.
  • Research projects: Our research is aligned with both current and future challenges of our clients. With our range of developed Tests/Psychometrics we are able to provide our clients with scientifically sound instruments for diverse applications in personnel selection and development.   

Cooperative. Social Commitment

Next to the consulting of economic enterprises we also get involved in the non-profit area in order to shoulder our social responsibility:

  • Since 2002 we have supported the association LebensWert e.V. which focuses on making the future of cancer patients worthier living. The diagnosis “cancer“ changes the entire life. This also applies to the job as an important part of an independent lifestyle. Whether reintegration under new premises or a vocational retraining – many of those concerned feel overburdened and disoriented. To support someone in this phase of life the KI.M offers Coachings for free. 
  • The members of the association Hatemalo e.V. dedicated themselves to helping disadvantaged children and families in Nepal with the goal of supporting them in building up an independent existence. Thereby it is not a matter of relieving the distress but contributing to the social integration and building strong personalities so that based on freedom and education it is possible to make a good living. The KI.M supports the association which was co-founded by one of our employees with a regular financial assistance – and at the yearly Cologne “bridge race” where we do a sponsored run to support them.

Courageous. Innovation and Internationality

We transfer megatrends like digitalization, globalization, gamification and demographic change into innovative and internationally applicable services and measures. 

  • We consult our international clients worldwide. This does not only include the implementation of Assessment or development Centers for international teams but also events on site – for example in Switzerland, Austria, France, Great Britain, Hongkong, Hungary or Dubai.