The cologne institute for management consulting consequently aligns its processes with the requirements of the DIN norm 33430 and thereby fulfills the highest quality standards with regards to diagnostic procedures.

The DIN 33430 is the first norm which was implemented for a non-technical area. It determines the requirements and quality standards for proficiency assessment procedures including the qualification of the administrators, the conceptualization, the implementation and the evaluation of procedures.

These quality standards are determined in the norm and were passed by the leading diagnosticians based on the highest scientific level.

How does your company profit from it?

With the implementation of a procedure based on the DIN 33430 you ensure that it is state-of-the-art with regards to current scientific insights as well as high quality conceptualization and implementation. The high standardization and objectivity of the implementation secures a maximum transparency and fair conditions for all candidates. Thereby the legal security of our proficiency assessment procedures is enhanced simultaneously. Furthermore, you are able to identify shady providers which don’t act in accordance with the DIN 33430. 

The DIN 33430 at the KI.M

The Cologne Institute for Management Consulting has had its processes regularly certified by TÜV Rheinland for several years. It was confirmed that the selection processes and diagnostic procedures of the KI.M meet the requirements of DIN 33430.

The cologne institute for management consulting commands the highest number of DIN-licensed consultants within the field of consulting - we ensure the highest possible diagnostic quality.

In addition to the DIN conform development of processes regarding aptitude testing and diagnostics we also focus on the qualification of our employees with respect to the DIN norm. On this account we do not only strive to certify our overall process but also want to ensure that each employee acts in accordance with the DIN norm in their daily work life and furthermore dispose over current scientific knowledge. That’s why we support our internal and external employees in their development so that they are able to gain the person license E for aptitude diagnosticians. The number of licensed consultants is growing constantly because of trainings and tests are offered on a regular basis. The names of the licensed consultants of the KI.M appear on the DIN-portal of the DPA (German Psychologists Academy).