Recruiting 4.0

In the context of our in-house exhibition congredi Marco Hillers (former consultant at KI.M) and Prof. Dr. Christian Dries (founder and scientific lead at KI.M) offered a workshop on the topic of ”Recrutainment and the future of personnel selection”.

Graphic Recording - based on our workshop
Graphic Recording - based on our workshop "Recrutainment and the future of personnel selection"

The recruiting process has changed tremendously during the last years. From Recruiting 1.0 with job ads at notice boards and in print media to Recruiting 2.0 where cheaper online ads extent the reach. The principle “post, spray and pray“ however remained. The current Recruiting 3.0 already has a different approach: By implementing a profiler-software even individuals who are not currently looking for a job are spoken to since everyone is a potential candidate and well-trained experts are a scarce good. Additionally, many companies rely on employer branding – associating the company brand with the image of a good employer. 

What will change now in Recruiting 4.0? How far has the current recruiting process already changed and what will have to change in the future in order to keep up with digitalization? Which effects does the future workplace 4.0 have on the personnel selection process? Within the scope of the congredi cologne 2016 we discussed these questions in the context of a workshop “Recrutainment and the future of personnel selection” and furthermore looked at visions for future personnel management together with HR professionals. The center of the workshop were trending topics such as virtual reality, the matching of applicants and Recrutainment.

1. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality stands for the animation of a computer-generated world. During Recruiting 4.0 potential candidates can immense themselves directly in the virtual world of the company, get to know the different premises and departments (i.e. in the form of a 360° tour) and thereby encounter their future workplace close up – employer branding with brand new technology. Potential candidates can take preselection tests directly at the virtual company for the recruiting process of the future. During our workshop, HR professionals had the possibility to try the virtual reality glasses which are used i.e. for the 360° virtual tours themselves.

2. Matching of applicants

Matching platforms, just like dating websites, match profiles of applicants with companies and their demands and are the future of recruiting. An algorithm filters the candidates according to their profiles and shows the company only those who fit with the job requirements. Classic job ads now belong to the past. In times of Recruiting 4.0 companies receive an automated preselection of the fitting candidates based on definite factors (i.e. graduation) and soft factors (i.e. personality traits).

practical example: Talents Connect

Right now matching platforms only do the preliminary work for decision of HR. But in the future workplace 4.0 a fully automated employment process will take place short-term or medium-term. In the context of workshops we asked professionals when they think a fully automated employment process will take place realistically in their company. With regards to internships they all thought that a prompt implementation would be possible. The establishment of the process for management positions is seen rather as a medium- to long-term measure. Everyone thought it was realistic that the matching of applicants will be extended in the future workplace in terms of a fully automated selection process.

3. Recrutainment

During Recruiting 4.0, recruiting and entertainment are combined to form Recrutainment: playful simulative elements can be incorporated into career orientation, employer branding and personnel selection processes. Entertainment is never an end in itself in this case. An important factor of Recrutainment is the specific relation to an employer, a training facility, a job or courses of education.

The fields of application are versatile: For example, Recrutainment can provide useful information about the company. During so called “online realistic job previews“ everyone who is interested can take part in job orientation games or gain entertaining insights into the company and job in a playful way. Even the integration of Recrutainment in selection processes will be part of our future workplace. The use of gaming elements can have positive influence on employer branding and creates additional value for the selection process.

Scientific research: The KI.M looked into the effects of gaming elements in classic selection tests on the evaluation of the test. While testing the office of KI.M was presented by an avatar – personnel selection of the future with integrated employer branding.