Trainee preselection for REWE

Our client’s concern

Each year REWE receives around 500 applications for the advertised trainee positions. To ensure high quality diagnostics and a resource-friendly selection process, KI.M has been supporting REWE in the preselection of applicants since 2010. Goals of this collaboration are an enhanced quality of candidates in the Assessment Centers, an early commitment of the high potentials and reduced personnel requirements as well as time saving for the internal recruiters.

The project

A streamlined process was developed to be able to promptly work through the received applications, select and report the results to REWE so that REWE recruiters can use them to continue their work. After a thorough screening of the applications and the alignment with the individually defined demands for each position a first selection was made. Identified potential candidates are invited to make an appointment for a telephone interview through a modern booking tool. Experienced and trained interviewers conduct the competence-oriented telephone interviews. On these grounds they make a sound assessment of the candidate which is documented in form of a final report. Regular contact with the recruiters is essential in order to react flexibly and swifty to speial circumstances and developments but further enhance the quality of selection. If needed, KI.M also coordinates the Assessment Center for the candidates. 

Thomas Schlosser
Thomas Schlosser
Psychologist (Diploma), Managing Consultant

1 Redefined process for the selection of trainees

2 Booking-Tool

After the screening process, candidates are invited to the telephone interview by an automatized booking tool. The candidates are provided with all possible dates and can choose an appointment which suits their calendar best.

3 Current numbers and facts 2016

  • Candiates for 7 different business areas: finances, controlling support, merchandising processes and systems, customer retention, customer insight and analysis, sales, retail
  • Screening of more than 700 applications
  • Execution of over 100 telephone interviews