Coaching Workbook for REWE retailers

The concern of our client

REWE company GmbH and independent retailers have been working together successfully for a long time. At one point a lot of these retailers ask themselves whether to open a second market. The objective of this project is to systematically prepare the retailers on their way to becoming a multi-branch entrepreneur. They should get a realistic view on the upcoming challenges and changes before they decide to open a second market. KI.M was commissioned to develop an offer which entrepreneurs could work on flexibly and independently.

The project and its result

To facilitate an independent preparation of the retailers an extensive workbook was designed. This workbook contains a number of self-explanatory modules and tasks. The goal is to support the merchants in their self-reflection and to prepare them for new challenges by integrating coaching exercises. Further, they should profit from the exchange of experiences and valuable tips by other multi-branch entrepreneurs. The workbook focuses on the important issues of self- and time-management, leadership & organization as well as strategy and finances.   

Thomas Schlosser
Thomas Schlosser
Psychologist (Diploma), Managing Consultant

1 Additional value for REWE

Methodics that work

Diverse tasks and comprehensible explanations support the retailers in various forms. They learn to reflect on themselves and their actions, to assess their state on the way to becoming a multi-branch enterpreneur and help to identify open questions.

Sharing knowledge and contact to reality

The integration of experience reports from other multi-branch enterpreneurs as well as the use of inputs from the company regarding difficulties and challenges are an essential part of the workbook. This makes the workbook more tangible for the retailers and increases the acceptance for the topics.

Appealing design

The value and acceptance of the workbook were increased with a modern and clear layout.

2 Extracts from the Coaching Workbook

Extract from the workbook on the issue of stress resilience
Extract from the workbook on the issue of stress resilience

This is an extract from a short test which is part of the self- and time-management chapter. An instruction helps the multi-branch enterpreneur to evaluate the test and thereby gain insight into his stress resilience.

I wanted to open a second supermarket, marry and build a house all in the same year. Looking back, it was just too much for me. Private life and job have to make a good fit.

experiences from a multi-branch enterpreneur
extract from the workbook on the issue of self- and time-management

This is an extract from the chapter “leadership and organisation“ where among others the topic of personnel planning is dealt with. In this exemplary case, the multi-branch enterpreneur has to form an overall perspective of the employee situation.

Extract from the workbook on the issue of personnel management
Extract from the workbook on the issue of personnel management