Team Development

You want to build proper teams from a working group and incite them to deliver top results?

In order to turn a group into a team it requires more than a common task. Clear goals, responsibilities and roles must be defined. We create a productive working atmosphere and promote top results by executing individual team workshops. Since every team is different, our approach is analytical and starts with pre-diagnostics to make sure that all team members with their personal topics are on board. All implemented methods share the goal to help transfer concrete results into everyday work life. Follow-up meetings guarantee continuity. 

Team Development Procedure

  1. Team Analysis
    • Interview with the superior
    • Presentation of the concept in front of the team
    • Questionnaire including relevant topics for the superior and team members
    • Custom-fit workshop design based on the team analysis
  2. Teamworkshop
    • Working on current team topics based on the results of the team analysis with suitable methods
    • Combination of input with a practical orientation and experience-oriented elements (such as group work, systematic constellations and collegial advice)
    • If necessary, additional evening events
  3. Optional: Team Building
    • Strengthening the team spirit outside of the workplace
    • Individually planned day or evening events
    • Various possibilities (e.g. sports, cooking, fun)
  4. Transfer Follow-up
    • Follow up on team topics (goals and intentions) and review on the realization
    • Discussing current challenges
    • Strengthening transfer into everyday life

Within a short period of time you will be able to detect how the behavior and dynamics of a team change and how they grow.