Training and Development

Individual learning success, solved conflicts and eye-opening experiences motivate us. Thus, we develop and train people with conviction, ambition and passion, in order to sustainably promote them.

With our team of experienced consultants and trainers we put great emphasis on the diversity of our methodical approaches, the content-related backgrounds and the personality. What we all have in common, though, is the psychological orientation, the skill to precisely observe and the motivation to get the best out of each of your employees. Due to our broad variety of methods, we promote individuals, bind teams together, encourage constructive exchange and compare self-perception with the perception of others. We are convinced that behavioural changes can only occur if participants are able to find themselves, their daily work routine and their fields of development in our offers. We provide individual solutions for you, which match the target group and their future challenges. This promotes the transfer and is therefore the basis for a sustainable development of your employees, teams and managers.

We develop your employees in various formats – from face-to-face learning and hybrid forms to completely remote trainings. We effectively combine digital training methods and develop innovative learning formats for you.

Due to the accelerated digital transformation, employees are required to develop additional competencies relevant for the future. This results in new, concrete content and design possibilities for human resource development.

An extract of our content for promoting competencies relevant for the future:

  • Remote leadership – virtual leading of teams and employees
  • Leading in the crisis – dealing with uncertainty and resistance
  • Agile leadership – leading in times of digital transformation
  • Ambidexterity – potential of “leading with both hands equally”
  • New work life balance – dealing with personal challenges of the hybrid working world in a goal-oriented fashion
  • Cross-functional collaboration – managing virtual teams for goal-oriented cooperation
  • Diversity – promoting heterogeneity in teams
  • Resilience – strengthening the mental robustness in times of intense change