Workplace 4.0

One example of topics we currently deal with are the challenges of workplace 4.0.

The digital swift is in full progress and also HR and personnel management are affected by the workplace of the future. New demands for employees and managers require a rethinking both in personnel selection and personnel development. 

The new requirements have to be neatly defined in order to clarify who should learn which abilities in the future. In doing so, the focus should always be on the question which competences are needed to perform successfully in the future workplace. Apart from new skills additional methods are available which supplement and enhance previous training methods in personnel development. There is also modification in the recruiting of new employees whereby not only the demands but also the technical possibilities have an impact on the changing processes.

The cologne institute for management consulting will support you and your company on your way to the future workplace 4.0.

Please inform yourself about our current topics within the workplace 4.0:

Recruiting 4.0

Digital Leadership