You want to use interviews throughout you personnel selection?

Interviews are a proven all-rounder in personnel selection and potential assessments. We successfully implement them to make personnel decisions across all levels of hierarchy. Whether as a part of Assessment or Development Centers or individually as an instrument for the pre-selection of candidates – interviews are a widely accepted tool of selection both by candidates and decision makers.

They are not only versatile but also provide us with valuable diagnostic information. Interviews offer insights into the applicants’ biographies, their personal motives and their future goals and ideas.

Quality criteria

The diagnostic quality of an interview depends on multiple factors. In our approach, we specifically focus on the following criteria to ensure resilient results for your personnel selection:

  • Variable techniques of questioning: We are not satisfied with the first answer that comes along. We dig deeper and ask for examples. In doing so we combine retrospective aspects like biographical information with prospective insights via situational questions. This variable procedure allows us to react to each candidate individually and achieve valid results.
  • Trained interviewers: Our interviewers have passed psychological training, are DIN-certified and have an extensive knowledge in diagnostics. In addition to experience in dealing with personnel, intuition and sensitivity are of great importance to be able to create an atmosphere of appreciation while questioning the candidate as well as finding the right balance of standardization and individualization. We will also be glad to train interviewers from your company to support them in dealing with the challenging task.
  • Customized Fit: Each interview is unique: You tell us who you are looking for and we compose a fitting competence-oriented questionnaire. Thereby you receive just the information you need to make a decision on who to choose for a certain position in a certain reference group. Further, the candidate’s acceptance is enhanced by integrating specific challenging situations which will be part of the work routine. This also maximizes the predictive power of the future job performance. 

We develop the optimum solution for you

You can integrate our interviews into existing selection processes or entrench them as a separate selection measure in various formats (personal, by phone or video-based) . We support you in the entire process – from demand analysis all the way up to the professional implementation of the interview.

You prefer to take the matter into your own hands? We are pleased to support you by developing electronically processed interview tools which help you create a suitable interview guideline for each position. This way you are able to react with flexibility to different demands and can be sure to ask the right questions.