Assessment Center

You are looking for the best candidate for a position in your company?

ACs are one of the most conclusive ways selecting personnel and identifying potential. We provide experienced guidance in the conception and implementation of an Assessment Center specifically designed to suit your company’s interests. To choose the best candidate we rely on high quality, acceptance and innovation.

Intelligent. Quality through scientific insights

The KI.M is DIN 33430 - certified with the German standard requirements for proficiency assessment procedures and their implementation. The norm outlines quality criteria and standards for job-related proficiency assessment. We deploy this knowledge to develop an assessment center for you with the greatest predictive efficiency.

Cooperative. Acceptance through fairness and transparency

We assure the acceptance of the Assessment Center by using exercises with a high ecological validity and a maximized transparency for the candidates. They will experience a fair procedure and profit from constructive feedback.

Courageous. Innovative methods and technology

State-of-the-art scenarios and innovative technologies (like our Tablet Assessment and Remote Assessment) are ways to support you in transferring complex job specifications. Of course you can make use of our international experience as well. 

We advise you on the Assessment Center process

  1. Analysis & Requirements
    • Within the scope of demand workshops with relevant stakeholders we survey and identify work situations which are critical to success and relevant competencies for a realistic conception of exercises.
  2. Planning & Conception
    • To depict the different demands of everyday work life and make the competencies observable, multi-methodic modules are designed (e.g. interactions, business cases, tests, interviews).
  3. Pilot Testing & Rollout
    • As moderators we take responsibility for the content and the entire process starting at the observer’s training and standardized behavior as a role player to the standardized evaluation system and even documenting the results and giving high quality feedback.
  4. Evaluation & Sustainability
    • To assure that your Assessment Center stays state-of-the-art, we analyze the quality of candidates, collect feedback from participants and observers with regards to the acceptance of the AC and prepare a summary of insights for you on a regular basis.

We provide support for your entire selection process

Often the Assessment Centers is integrated into the existing selection processes and measures to identify potential.

We consult you in optimizing the selection process by analyzing existing processes and by aligning the target vision with future challenges, scientific findings and best practice.

We support you in the selection of candidates for the Assessment Center through Self-Assessment Tools, Screenings, (telephone) interviews and (online) tests