Change Processes

Your company is changing?

Change is an omnipresent challenge for most companies nowadays. The key is to rethink your business model because of trends like digitalization and adapt to new market conditions and altered customer demands. But changes in employee structure and their demands also challenge companies.

As a psychologically oriented consulting company we support your change processes with two focuses: 

1. Integrating superiors and employees in the process

We consult you concerning the integration of managers and employees, guide and organize events and provide qualifications to strengthen the willingness to change of all those involved. It is a matter of reducing fear and resistance, but also identifying resources to use them in the best way possible. Exemplary measures are: 

  • Qualification of managers in the field of their own change-competences and leading change
  • Change-Workshops for particularly affected lines of work/ teams/ departments
  • Change-Coaching for managers with special challenges
  • Team development measures for new organizational units

2. Systematic competence management

We consult you in identifying the needs of your managers and employees in order keep pace with and tackle changes successfully. Changes require new organizational structures and processes. But they also require an adequate understanding and implementation of managers and employees. This includes :

  • A systematic analysis of prospectively relevant competences on part of the company
  • The identification of existing management and employee competences.
  • The support of an optimum selection or placement of managers in the newly established structure
  • The consulting with regards to fitting qualifications to close identified gaps between current competences and future demands.

We are convinced that change can only be successful in the long-term perspective if change management includes the systematic view on the competences of both management and employees. We look forward to work with you.