Talent Management

You want to systematically promote high potentials and attain a long-term commitment?

Or you want to ensure that internal candidates have optimum chances when future leadership positions are offered? No matter which problem arises with regards to Talent Management – let us know and we will be happy to support you. 

The ideal Talent Management for your company depends on multiple factors such as industry, employee structure, age structure and market environment. From our experience there are a few factors which are key for a successful Talent Management in every company: 

Key success factors

Definition of talents

Only if you know who you need in the future, you will be able to look for these persons, promote them and keep them. We can support you with this topic in form of workshops where our aim is to identify relevant future competencies. Based on your strategic goals and future challenges we support you in finding specific talents which are currently critical to success but also in the future of your company.

Identifying potentials

The greatest challenges is finding real talents in daily work life. Managers often focus on the current performance of their employee which is intelligible. But also critical, if the point is identifying potentials which somebody has in order to develop. We offer you different options on how to systematically address this topic. On one hand, we will train your managers or offer train-the-trainer modules to promote their skills in detecting and promoting potential. Your managers will gain a deeper insight for talents in your company and it will sharpen their understanding of promoting and developing high potentials. On the other hand, we provide supporting diagnostic instruments to systematically analyze potentials.

Systematic development of potentials

When the right competences and skills are defined and the right persons identified, the promotion of talents is key. The focus should be on the individual development on-the-job and the superiors take an essential role. The satisfaction with superiors is one of the most important factors for staying in a company.

When promoting potentials we support you both with on-the-job measures (e.g. through a systematic qualification of your managers as personnel developers) as well as designing Talent Management Programs for your company including the integration of company-specific tasks and projects (depending on scale and needs).

Corporate culture

A corporate culture can attract talents and inspire them, but also can make life hard for them. Already established talent management programs which don’t live up to the promised success are a great start to analyze and work on intentions and goals with regards to promoting talent. 

Let’s review your Talent Management together in order to maximize the success.