A comprehensive mentoring program for Verkehrsbund Rhein Ruhr (VRR)

Our client’s concern

Identifying and promoting talents in the company – that was the request and aim of the VRR. In order to make this possible KI.M was asked to design and implement a mentoring program – the CoMeT 2.0 (Coaching, Mentoring and Training).

The project

The two-year project provides a chance to develop with regards to professional and personal competences for employees of VRR. The mentoring program with an internal mentor from VRR is embedded in an extensive development program and includes flanking measures such as seminars for competence development and bilateral coachings for personal growth. At the beginning of the program a pool of mentees was created from multiple applicants with the help of motivational letters and a diagnostic selection process. This included a competence-oriented definition of position from which individual development measures derived. The mentors (executives from VRR) received an incentive training with the topic „The executive as a coach“.   

The result

Since the successful launch of the program and selection of mentees and mentors, KI.M supports VRR in promoting high potentials for example with trainings and coachings. 

Barbara Germer
Barbara Germer
Economist (Diploma) & Advertising Merchant, Managing Consultant

1 Mentoring concept

This graphic illustrates the tasks and responsibilities of both mentees and mentors. The are in a constant process of exchange.

2 Extraction of mentors

Who can become a mentor?
Superiors who …
  • have proven to promote their employees,
  • are evaluated positively with regards to performance and leadership,
  • and have a strong interest in developing talents and sharing their knowledge.
What is the role of the mentor?
The mentor …
  • challenges and promotes his mentee,
  • is responsible for information and networking,
  • is reflector of his mentee,
  • shows his mentee new perspectives,
  • transports implicit rules and individual experiences and
  • makes recommendations.

3 Special features of the project

  • AC for the selection of the mentees
  • Training for the mentors
  • Follow-up coachings (focused on the individual potentials for development)