International Development Center for Hilti Logistics

Our client’s concern

Hilti Logistics places a great emphasis on sustainable personnel development. Precisely, there was need for a development program which focuses on individual competences of the participants, ensures a sustainable transfer into everyday work life and is rolled out internationally.

The project

The Development Center developed by KI.M piloted with Hilti Logistics´ top management board (60 international managers). They took part in the DC both as participants and observers to get to know the program from both perspectives and use the experience for their own development.  Before the DC a 360° feedback was implemented which was readdressed during the follow-up process. The two-day Development Center itself included exercise modules as well as reflection, feedback and training modules. Based on the observations during the DC final reports were written which came to use in the follow-up process by our KI.M consultants both in the individual coachings and for the development plan.

The result

After the successful pilot testing of the Development Center the project was rolled out internationally. Especially the enlarged perspective during the DC as well as the individual follow-up coaching were emphasized positively. 

Sören Lorenzen
Sören Lorenzen
Diploma in Business Administration, Managing Consultant

1 The Development-Center process

2 Goals of the Development Center

The participants are supposed to reflect on their personal strengths and areas for development with regard to their leadership skills and further derive measures for a sustainable and successful development together with their KI.M coach. The reflection process is supported by feedback from different perspectives. Apart from diagnostic exercise modules the focus is put on

  • Reflection modules: Self-reflection booklet based on leading questions and a reflexion interview with the observers
  • Feedback modules: Video-based peer feedback and a final feedback
  • Training modules: World-Café and a round of discussion

Different perspectives on the participant´s competences
Different perspectives on the participant´s competences